Friday, April 30, 2010

my entry into the world of blogging

"i have not failed. i've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - thomas edison (that's how i feel)

greetings and salutations,
i don't know who will read this but thank you for your time. i hope that you find some entertainment and value in these ramblings. my girlfriend seems to think that i should share some of my hair-brained ideas with everyone out there in cyber world. she has listened to my verbal diarrhea for too long and needs support. so this is the jist:

i'm a 31 year old college student. i haven't taken the "traditional route" in life. my experiences are as diverse as our great nation. i have love for our country and decent human beings. i often wonder about the prospects of our future as a country, society and race in a large world and an even larger universe. realizing how small an individual is compared to the world is important, but what many people with good, rational heads on their shoulders can do is amazing. it is concerning that the apathy in our society and our planet is infectious. there is a lot to be said for trying to lead a decent life. there is no need to try and be a superstar but a little common sense, courtesy and appreciation for the planet and every living being on it goes a long way. obviously humans have become the dominant species on the planet but our "locust effect" and degeneration are starting to have dramatic effects. we have the knowledge but for some reason (there are many) it isn't being applied.

i hope to share some common sense, some values, a couple of ideals... alright many ideals and a couple of laughs. if my girlfriend can find humor in this than so should you all. this is for objective, intelligent individuals with rational ideals. i hope that you enjoy reading this and future posts. d